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  • Coffee2Closure (Github npm) : proceesses compiled coffeescript to closure friendly code.
  • Closure Mode for CoffeeScript (blogpost demo): coffeescript fork which takes a –google flag to compile to closure friendly code
  • hleumas coffee-script (Github): coffeescript fork with support for closure
  • saucer (Github): a boilerplate project using coffeescript


  • Typescript to Closure (blogpost demo)
  • Closure Library declaration files for TypeScript (Github)


clojurescript (Github wiki)

Other Resources

We are lurking on channel #closure-tools in Freenode, come join us! We also have a twitter handle @closureplease


The only book published for the Closure Tools is the Closure The Definitive Guide, written by Michael Bolin. While it’s the only book, it is one of the most thorough and detailed technical books out there.

Closure The Definitive Guide

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